Our Product

We have taken extensive measures in working closely with our manufacturer to provide exceptional quality products to our customers. 

Our Maple Fluff Company Diapers are ranged from 8-55lbs that features an upper hip closure snap, dirty closure snaps, and a middle indicator snap. The front snap system is a 3 x 4 level snap pattern.  

The interior of the diapers feature a pearly white, cooling, athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) material. White was chosen to give the Moms, Dads, and Caregivers of the world ease of mind when needing to check for anything in the diaper after use due to medical reasons.

The pocket is extended to provide a wide opening for people with bigger hands, for an easier time prepping diapers.

On the front interior is featured an extended PUL tummy panel that helps wick away moisture and keeps your sweet babe drier and cozier. Especially wonderful for tummy sleepers.

We estimate our diapers will fit an incredible range of babies, and would love to gain your trust in providing comfort and cleanliness for your baby.

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