Round 2 : The Spring Collection & AWJ Edged Inserts Update

Round 2 : The Spring Collection & AWJ Edged Inserts Update 

 Round 2: The Spring Collection & AWJ Edged Inserts are slightly delayed due to COVID-19 closures in China. They were scheduled to be shipped to Maple Fluff Company on April 11/2022; however more lockdown rules regarding transportation have been applied, and the estimate is for it now to be shipped out to MFCo around the end of April 2022. We sincerely apologize for the delay, and appreciate your kindness and patience regarding this situation.

If you are in our Facebook VIP Group, a Live Video explaining the updates more in-depth is "pinned" in the Group Announcements. Click any 'FB' Icon on this website (like on the bottom of the page) to be directed to the Maple Fluff Company Facebook VIP Group. 

Update: April 26/22:

Round 2 and the AWJ Edged Inserts are on the way via air express and should arrive to Maple Fluff Company in 10-14 days. 


Any further questions can be addressed by sending an email to: 

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