Preorders are being packed as I type!!

Rounds 4-7 were supposed to be the same size as rounds 3 and 8, but they weren’t. We aren’t using the round 4-7 manufacturer anymore.

(Round 8 is the Spooky Season Collection which arrived today and preorders are being packed right now!)

Due to this sizing error we are going to be putting the Summer Collection on clearance for $8.25CAD by 10pm MST tonight November 27/23.

And this is in addition to the Spring Collection (round 6) diapers being 1.5 inches smaller than the already smaller rounds 4, 5, and 7 diapers.

We did make a post in our VIP Group regarding preorders and being eligible for store credit and also included a screenshot of the post below: view post

View our list of diaper rounds here (it hasn’t been fully updated yet.. haha newborn parent life) https://maplefluffcompany.ca/pages/diaper-rounds-previously-run

**PLEASE NOTE - we have decided to lower the retired diaper price to $8.25 from our original planned $11.50. This means the spring collection will be $6.75 when they come in. 

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