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    We believe cloth diapering should be a positive journey. That's why we've strived to create one of the most innovative top-of the-line products within the cloth diapering community. 

    Our cloth diapers are custom designed from the extended tummy panel that ensures extra dryness, to the cooling pearly white athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) material our diapers are lined with. We've worked extensively on our quality and design to give you the best and safest product for your little one.

    This section highlights more in-depth features about our One-Size Pocket Diapers.

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Why Choose Cloth?

Saves Money

Cloth diapering saves you money over time. By choosing to use a one-size diaper system that will fit your child from birth to toddlerhood, your initial investment will be around $450-$750 for 30-50 diapers and accessories.

The average box/sleeve of disposables costs anywhere from $13 to $35. Research shows that by year one of a childs life, Canadians will spend around $800 to $900 on disposable diapers.


In Canada it's estimated that 2.4 billion individual disposable diapers enter Canadian landfills per YEAR. That amounts to more than 3.7 million tons of waste. 

By choosing cloth diapers you can help create a safer and healthier environment for future generations of world changers. Diapers in the laundry, not the landfill - we like to say!

Safer For Baby

Disposable diapers contain many harmful chemicals, toxins, and pollutants that aren't safe.

A few known downfalls that disposable diapers can cause are: diaper rashes, the toxicity can harm your baby, allergic to the diaper itself (presents as rash most times), non environmentally friendly, expensive.

We incourage you to do your own research on the health risks of disposable diapers! Knowledge is power, and our future generations deserve the very best.


One of the amazing things about cloth diapers is they are adjustable from birth to toddlerhood. They grow with your child, so you have the security of knowing that you've always got diapers on hand, no matter how big your little one gets.

Our Maple Fluff Company cloth diapers fit 8-55lbs, and come with many features to help you get the absolute perfect fit!

Cute Designs

When have you ever seen a helicopter in the clouds, or a cute duck in the pond on a disposable diaper?

Another benefit of cloth diapering is the cute prints! All of our diaper designs are either voted on by the customer community in the FB VIP group, or hand-chosen by the owners.

Choosing prints and diapers to match yours and babies style can be therapeutic and calming for many people. People now have the option to express themselves through a chosen cloth diaper, which is beautiful and heartwarming.

Lane (L) and Holly (R) in 2018 during a pregnancy photoshoot with their son, G.

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